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"In our time of archival obsession, we are in a constant state of documentation. The rise of easier-to-use technology – specifically the iPhone – the overload of recordings tends to lack purpose. My work has been searching to elaborate on the connections of an individual to his or her world; this particular investigation, One Year, intends to define the existence of my Self. 

Investigation requires collection. When is the collection complete enough to give a resolution to the hunt? What is the significance of narcissism within this exploration of Self? I habitually document my face and body photographically. In reviewing these photos, I wonder if what I am portraying is truth. In an attempt to preserve the physical stages of my life, am I creating a fallacy? My one-year archive of iPhone images, when viewed altogether, aims to enhance the viewer’s understanding of the reality of my past. 

This archive is presented as wallpaper, which suggests the parallels between our physical space and virtual reality: wallpaper acts as decorative and personalized enhancement yet is usually disregarded through every-day passing.  My figure – as an undecorated body-cast – sits, observes, and analyzes this collection of self-preservation and chronological history, yet the figure is essentially staring at a wall.  Exposure – of the figure as nude and of the display of personal images – challenges vulnerability versus self-importance."

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